Holy Week Family Challenge

Holy Week Family Challenge

If you are a Christian, then Holy Week and Easter are the most significant celebrations of the year for you.

Unfortunately, for many children, Easter has become about what they can get instead of what they can give and what they’ve been given by Jesus.

😲 Have you seen any Easter Egg hunts lately?

What a tangible display of carnality as children rush to grab all they can at the expense of others while parents cheer them on.

Sharing with our children the real meaning of Easter, that Jesus died for their sins and was raised again for their justification, is a hard thing to focus on when we are surrounded by the Easter bunny, chocolate, eggs, and other things that have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And that’s where the Holy Week Family Challenge comes in. 


This fun cross-fold card will encourage families to get into God’s Word and retrace the events of Jesus’ final days on earth, helping them learn more about Christ’s sacrifice and victory over death.

With the Holy Week Family Challenge parents will have a clear map to lead their families confidently through Holy Week with special faith-based activities, Bible readings, and worship-filled experiences.

This will be a wonderful way to prepare their hearts for Easter, center on God’s love, and make family memories together.

The best part about this challenge is that it is easy for families to pull off! 

There are no purchases, no special supplies, and not even that much time needed. A family on spring break can even complete all these challenges as they travel.


For each day of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and finishing on Good Friday, they’ll find Scripture verses to read and daily challenges to complete.

All of the challenges are action-driven and will encourage parents not only to talk with their kids about the events leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross but also to find tangible expressions for their faith.

Inside the cross-fold card, there’s a little pocket (at the bottom of the Holy Tuesday square.)

Inside that pocket is a simple yet powerful object lesson…


These seeds are…

  • A tiny sermon about Christ beating death
  • A fun family activity
  • And perhaps, the beginning of a new Easter tradition.

    Holy Week is a wonderful opportunity for your family to grow closer to God—and each other!

    Invite the members of your family to dive into this challenge and encounter Jesus in a new way through Scripture reading, faith-nurturing conversations, and simple activities that may take them out of their comfort zone and into the heart of God.



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