Let Us Pray!

Let Us Pray!



Hey, Christian parents!


This May, we are inviting you to join the PRAY MAY challenge and together with your children experience the joy of talking to Jesus.

Here's how it works

  • Order your CHALLENGE KIT >>> here. It includes a colorful 18" x 24" challenge map, a marker, and a scratch-off sticker.


  • Decide on a fun reward you'll want to give to your kids after they complete the 31-day challenge. Using the marker in your kit, write it inside the gift box (see the poster.) We recommend that you reward them with an experience they would enjoy and remember instead of a thing they'll discard after a few hours or days.


  • Cover the gift box with the scratch-off sticker that comes with your kit. This way the reward will remain a mystery until the entire challenge is complete.


  • Starting on May 1, take a few minutes to read and discuss the Scripture of the day and use a prayer prompt to talk to Jesus as a family.


  • Use the marker to mark your progress.


  • Tell us about your highlights and discoveries, and share photos of your family interacting with the challenge. Be sure to tag us! INSTAGRAM: @whatsfordinner_mag or FACEBOOK: @whatsfordinnermag Every day, we will be choosing a winning photo or a post, and reward it with a fun prize in the mail.


  • We know that life can get busy so it's OK if you miss a day or two. You can always catch up by covering more than one square a day. You could do one in the morning and another in the evening.


  • Be intentional about making this experience honest, joyful, and enjoyable. Prayer is not a chore to get through but a privilege to embrace. Kids will pick up your attitude, so be sure to bring your whole heart into this time and not rush through it.


  • When you complete day 31, let someone scratch off the mystery box to reveal the reward. Take time to celebrate your kids and the God who loves to hear their prayers.


    Meet your host

    This year, we're honored to have Erica Renaud guide and cheer us on as we seek God's face together with our children.

    Starting on May 1, every day of the challenge, we will be giving away one copy of her book Pray With Me. For a chance to winshare your progress with the Pray May Challenge on social media, and be sure to tag us.

    From time to time, Erica will be popping up on our social media channels with practical tips and encouragement to keep us going.

    Learn more about Erica by:

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      My 3 kids and I just completed this 31 day challenge. We were supposed to be done a couple days after but we jumped 2 days ahead! They were so excited to scratch the reward! I love this challenge. I wish we can do another one.


      I’m doing it alone but I pray that my family gets encouraged when they see me following through everyday. 🙏

      Jamill3 S Hawkins

      Hermosa idea.

      Medilva de López

      Gonna share with my Bible Buddies’ families.


      I just received mine and one for my daughter and grandkids. Thank you

      Mary Louise Harrell

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