Truth Cards for Kids

Truth Cards for Kids

We all struggle with the lies we tell ourselves.

 “I’m not good enough.”

“No one loves me.”

“I’m a failure.”

“I am alone.”

“I’m a mistake.”

The list could go on and on and on. And not only does the list grow longer, but the lies grow louder and louder and repeat in our minds until we begin to believe they are true.

Stop! Lies from the enemy are not truth.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” ~ Romans 12:2

What if there was a way to help kids win the battle for their minds and kick those nasty lies to the curb?

If we believe God’s Word is truth, let’s help kids retrain their brains with the truth of who God says they are, and the way He sees them, and win the battle for their minds.


Truth Cards for Kids

Truth Cards offer children a simple and tangible way to discover the truth of God’s Word and apply it directly to the thoughts that play on repeat in their brains.

Right now, we have our very first set of 15 Truth Cards.

  • Front Side: A big, bold truth statement.


  • Back Side: A nasty lie and a Bible verse to kick it with


  • Material: Heavy cardstock


  • Features: Rounded corners, UV coating


  • Size: 4.25” x 5.5”

    Truth Cards can be used in all kinds of places and in all kinds of ways! Here are just some ideas:

    At Home

    • Use your truth cards as conversation starters at the dinner table.

    • Post the particular card a kid is struggling with on the bathroom mirror so they can read it over and over as they get ready for school.


    • Before bed, pick a card to set on your nightstand and read it with a flashlight as you go to sleep.


    • Display your favorite truth card on your refrigerator.


    • Help kids find the truth verse in their Bibles and bookmark it with the truth card.


    • With a dry-erase marker, write a truth on your bathroom mirror so the whole family can be reminded of God’s truth as they start their day.


    • Put a truth card your kid needs in their lunchbox.


    • When your kid is upset about something that is affecting the way they think about or view themselves, find the truth card that relates and read it on the couch together, and talk about it through a Biblical perspective.


    • Have kids draw a picture or journal about what their truth card means to them.


    • Retrain your brain by going through your truth card set every day.


    • When a truth card turns on a lightbulb for your kid, let them call someone close to them and tell them about it. Sharing how God works in our lives deepens our faith.


    • Gather your family around the table. Pass out paper and markers or colored pencils. Invite everyone to create their own truth card.


    • Go outside, lay on a blanket, and read the truth cards out loud to God.


    • Speak the truth over your sibling when you hear them struggle with a lie.


    • Brainstorm real-life situations to explore how a particular lie might try to make its way into our thinking.


    • Make short skits based on each card. A parent can impersonate the “bad guy” — a lie attempting to imprison a child. In response, a child would “fight” the lie with God’s truth causing the lie to disintegrate, run away, or “fall dead.”


    • Using two decks of cards, play a memory game by matching the lie with the truth.


      In the Car

      • Memorize a verse from a truth card each week on the way to school. Repeat it several times on your drive to school.


      • Attach truth cards to the dash of your car so your parents can be reminded of God’s truth today.


      • Play worship music as you read your truth cards. Challenge: create a playlist based on each card. One song that goes with each card.


      • On your way to school, pray a truth verse over one of your teachers.


      • Roll down the windows and shout out the truth as loud as you can!


      • As you pass by someone walking, pray a truth verse over that person.


      • Shuffle your truth card deck and see if you can remember the truth that goes with each lie.


      • At night, as you drive by houses, look inside at the lights that are on. Remember there are people who live there who struggle with lies their mind is telling them. Say the truth from your truth cards as you pass by their house.


      • Read your truth card deck and after each card, say “Thank You, God!”


      • Hang your favorite truth card from the rearview mirror.

        In Church

        • Display truth cards by using clothes pins and pinning cards on a long piece of twine and hanging them on the wall for kids to read.


        • Purchase several packs of truth cards and let families check them out and return them the following week.


        • Challenge the kids at church to create their own truth cards. Display them in the hallway for parents to enjoy.


        • Find a truth card that correlates to your lesson for the week. Teach the truth verse to the kids.


        • Provide a link for parents to purchase truth cards on your ministry’s social media page.


        • Give a truth card to each kid. Have them read the lie, truth, and truth verse in the microphone during large group.


        • Make truth cards available to kids who may attend adult worship.


        • Give each small group a truth card. Have them make up a song or cheer to the truth verse.


        • Give a set of truth cards to children when they receive Christ, get baptized, go through a difficult time, or have a birthday.


        • Send them in the mail to your first-time guests.


          At School

          • Keep your truth cards in your pencil pouch or backpack and take them out and read them when your mind is telling you lies.


          • During quiet reading time, read your truth cards and try to memorize your favorite one.


          • On the playground, exchange truth cards with a friend and encourage them.


          • At lunch, pray a truth verse in your head before you eat.


          • If are struggling before a test, retrain your brain and think of one of the truths on the cards.


          • Encourage your teacher by giving her a truth card that would mean something to her.


          • Pass out truth cards at lunch and let your friends talk about what they mean.


          • If you have a friend who is having a hard time with a lie they keep telling themselves, give them the truth card to keep in a special place as a reminder.


          • Using a notebook, illustrate a lie and truth that you’ve been dealing with.

            In Counseling

            • Give kids you counsel a truth card deck to take home and use until you see them next.


            • Teach kids how to retrain their brains and turn lies into truth by using the truth cards. Use one as an example and talk about it with them.


            • Talk about how we can use God’s Word to defeat the lies of the enemy.


            • Encourage kids to read their truth cards every day.


            • Find the lie the child is dealing with and use the truth card to establish trust with God’s Word and strategies for how to turn the lie around.


            • Ask kids what lies we tell ourselves. Let them come up with a list. Help kids change the list to truths.

              We Need Your Help

              Printing the first set of Truth Cards is just the first step.

              There’s so much more that could be done!

              After we mentioned this project on our Facebook pages, we received over a hundred comments where parents and church leaders told us how much they need a resource like this.

              Many offered ideas for the future truth cards that had to do with a variety of topics: identity, worldview, theology, relationships, and more.

              We want to equip thousands of families, churches, Christian psychologists, and schools with this simple tool that will train children how to “take every thought captive” and “tear down enemy strongholds.”

              And we want you to be on this journey with us!

              You could help by:

              • Buying this very first set

              • Leaving an honest product review on our website

              • Talking about truth cards on social media

              • Pinning the images from this article to your Pinterest board

              • Sending us your suggestions and ideas for future cards.

              Seriously! If there’s something you personally, your child or the students in your church or school are struggling with, let us know. We will be happy to explore how we could create a tailor-made truth card for your particular situation.
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                Greetings from France where I discovered your marvellous cards. would it be possible to get a french version perharps?
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