Eyes on Jesus - the Spiritual Journey of Lent

Eyes on Jesus - the Spiritual Journey of Lent

This Lenten season, take your family on a journey deep into the heart of Jesus.

All you have to do is scratch off a circle a day to uncover a new JESUS IS… statement and a Scripture that supports it.

Keep it simple, short, open-ended, and fun.


Scrape off only one mystery circle a day starting on February 14. There are 47 circles in total -- one for each day of Lent and one for each Sunday.

. . .

    Be gentle while scraping off the mystery circles. You don't need to apply much pressure. If you scratch too hard, you'll remove ink and even a layer of paper and won't be able to read what's underneath the golden foil. You may want to use a dime or a penny to remove the golden layer. Surprisingly, a damp sponge works the best and provides the cleanest look.

    . . .

      The very first circle is DIFFERENT from the rest. It's a fill-in-the-blank statement that reads: JESUS IS _____ It's an invitation for all family members to share who Jesus is to them and what He means to them at this stage of their life. 

      Here's what your calendar will look like after all the mystery circles are scratched off. 

        Check out the infographic below for some tips about how to make your interaction with the calendar engaging and meaningful for everyone in the family.

        We hope that this simple daily activity will become a lifegiving ritual causing many heartfelt chats about Jesus and spontaneous prayers welcoming the power of His name into your lives.

        Holy Week Family Challenge

        Did you know that the Eyes on Jesus calendar has a companion?

        YOU ARE LOVED: The Holy Week Family Challenge was designed to enrich your interaction with the calendar by inviting you on six holy adventures with Jesus.

        Check it out >>> HERE.




        I Speak Jesus

        This powerful song could become an anthem for your family as you go through the Eyes on Jesus calendar. 

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        To all those feeling confused, I was there as well when we scratched the first day. Here are a few tips that will hopefully keep you “keeping your eyes on Jesus” for the rest of this season.

        1. There are 47 circles on the poster though there are only 40 days in the Lenten season. This I learned is because Sundays are excluded from the lent fast, but instead celebrated as feast days as we prepare for the resurrection day to come. The poster it seems is designed to help us still keep our eyes on Jesus even on these Sundays.

        2. The poster seems to work best for us by 1) scratching carefully but firmly with a penny or other coin to clear most of the gold covering and then 2) using a slightly damp wash cloth to wipe off the residue and reveal the statement and scripture reference in very nice color. Just take care with these steps and you should be fine.

        It would be a great idea next year to include more clear instructions for the poster and guidance on the days and meaning of the lent season. To help get everyone oriented and be prepared to lead their family or group on the first day. But overall we commend the team here for coming up with a great idea and we trust God to use it for His glory this year and in years to come with some improvements! Every new idea always has its time for trial and error.


        My kids were so excited! They loved filling the blank next to day 1. We scratched off the next circle as well, as there are more than 40 scratch offs. We are using it but also making it our own, so not having very detailed instructions wasn’t a problem for us! Absolutely love that we will have this daily reminder, keeping our focus on Jesus this Lenten season. Thank you so much for creating this!

        Grace Bokar

        Love the artwork. I followed the instructions by gently rubbing off the scratch circles. Since lento is typically 40 days and there are more than 40 circles, I scratched off 2 circles day 1.


        Thank you for the wonderful gift of scripture! We are ready to start scratching tonight!

        Lisa Peyton

        Thank you C127, we just received our Eyes on Jesus poster! So awesome. We are excited to work through each of the next 40 days and see how The Lord is challenging our household during this Lenten season. Blessings to you all, too!


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